General Inquiry

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Media Request


Important information:

- Due to the large number of demands we receive, we will only contact the selected media outlets.

- The media outlets selected by Montebello Rockfest team will receive a predetermined number of media accreditations for their chosen representatives (Journalists, photographers and cameramen).

- Media accreditation does not grant backstage access.

- A limited number of photo passes, providing access to the reserved area in front of the stage (Photo Pit), will be available. Those photo passes will be granted to certain photographers and cameramen among the selected media outlets. The photo pass is a complement to the media pass, so it is important to specify in your application if you want to send a photographer/cameraman and have access to the reserved area.

- Unless otherwise indicated by artist management, photographers/cameramen, that were granted a photo pass to access the reserved area in front of the scene, can only cover the first three songs of each band.

- Artist interviews will not be possible unless arrangements are made in advance with management. No artist interview requests will be accepted otherwise.

- Please note that media accreditation at a past edition of the festival does not guarantee a renewal for this year.

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